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rae grebby

Rae Grebby alias Rae Grebby/Slippedisco (Hull, UK)

turntablism, ambient, cut n paste, comedy, other.

Rae Grebby is a master of cut n paste music. Taking sounds from a wide variety of sources, he manipulates, destroys, cuts up and arranges them into beautifuly sculpted peices of truly inspired music. 'Penguins on the Moon' is his first solo release on Tegleg Records / Tegleg Digital.

New Album Coming Soon!

Uncle Bert Emperdinck

Available from 2012-10-06 at all good mp3 sites.

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Rae Grebby - Frop

Rae Grebby - Penguins on the Moon

Sponic Mesh

Sponic Mesh two

Little Spinner

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